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The Electronic Gesture and the Human Side of Technology

The nature of communication is changing.

We are no longer pushed a message in a linear fashion. Today, we communicate and learn in a vibrant, two-way, (three-way, four-way, etc...) interactive dynamic which touches our lives in ways like never before.  The iPad is the perfect example.

But one aspect of human communication--gesturing remains an essential and enduring component. of human communication.  From a the simple "come here" to giving someone "the finger", a gesture can be a very powerful tool.  Now let's consider what happens when the power of the tablet computer meets the dynamism of a human gesture.

Enter E-TICULATION, the e-version of gesticulation.

Gesticulation is the act of gesture...and now this notion of the computer gesture is emerging; living in technology like the Wii and further driven in part by the iPad. Touch, push, move, stretch, and point are now becoming part of the body language of the computer. It's applications in real life are significant. From teaching a child, to professional one-on-one selling; this will become the new standard of interactive communication.

The interesting thing is that this new method isn't just a step forward in technology, but a step back to humanity. It integrates the device with the individual. It's the Internet that you hold like a pet. It's an extension of yourself and establishes a direct neural connection with the way your brain works. This is not to be underestimated!!!

It is here and it's here to stay. It is called e-ticulation, and it touched you here first!