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A Tale of Warning: Hurricane Sandy and the UnDead Survivors


Yes.  Zombies.

They walk the street of my quaint town and populate some of the meetings at my office.

They are the "other" victims of Hurricane Sandy.  And I'm not joking.  This isn't about the profound tragedy of those who have lost their houses or lives, but about those survivors who lived through the hurricane with only a few scrapes and scratches.  But it's these people who also have been transformed.  Transformed into something different...

  • a bit more paranoid of flickering lights.
  • a bit more attentive to weather forecasts.
  • a bit more easily awakened.
  • and a lot more exhausted.

They're not the UnDead.  But something is very Un about them.  The have a worried look in their eye...and some...a vague smell of gasoline. Hurricane Sandy has taken her toll of the countless psyches of many people--who at first glance--simply survived.

Sandy's damage is much more than physical

Sandy has taken something from us.  She came about at a time when out country is changing. The deteriorating infrastructure, corporate cost-controls, diminished volunteerism, and the (potential) of climate change have all created a "perfect storm" of horror and anxiety.  And what really drives this pathology is that Sandy isn't going away.  The ghost of Sandy lingers.  It lingers with Moms who care for small children, it lingers with adults who care for elderly parents and it resonates...with every person who wonders about the "next" Sandy.

The storm is over, but is the Emergency now?

I don't think that it's time to wait.  The changes in our world demand that we--as citizens, caregivers and parents--make proactive changes that don't leave us out in the dark and cold again.