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About John Nosta

First and foremost, John is a thinker. Unwilling to accept the status quo, he’s a contrarian with a vision for tomorrow.

He is also the author of HEALTH CRITICAL in Forbes.

He has been involved in the development of brand personalities, advertising campaigns and marketing strategies for numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson
and Genentech. John has established a well-entrenched reputation as a vocal advocate for strategic thinking and the creative process. He has built his career on the “science of advertising,” a process where strategy and creativity work together for superior marketing. He has also been recognized for his ability to translate difficult medical and scientific concepts into material that can be more easily communicated to patients, clinicians and scientists. He is also a popular lecturer on a wide variety of topics--always presented in a unique and stimulating way. He has spoken at the Fashion Institute of Technology, St. John’s University, Fairleigh Dickinson, The New York Society for Ethical Culture and Harvard University as well as many corporate and sales venues.

John is actively redefining the role of social media and influence marketing in healthcare. He is also a major influencer in the digital space and globally ranked in the top .01% in marketing, health, doctors and social media by the industry benchmark, KRED.

Additionally, John has distinguished himself as a scientific thinker. Earlier in his career, John was a research associate at Harvard Medical School and has co-authored several papers with global thought-leaders in the field of cardiovascular physiology. He has also been very active in a wide variety of community service activities including the municipal planning board, redevelopment committee, fire department and first aid squad. John lives in Mendham, NJ, with his wife and family. Currently, he is employed by Ogilvy CommonHealth, the world’s largest healthcare communications company and has held a series of positions including Chief Creative Officer, Chief Strategic Officer and unit President.


Marketing, strategic planning, social media, digital marketing, healthcare Twitter, influence analytics, branding, presentation skills (and killer presentations) all served up with passion and exuberance!!!

Selected Publications

Studies of amiodarone during experimental myocardial infarction: beneficial effects on hemodynamics and infarct size. Harvard Medical School DeBoer LW, Nosta JJ, Kloner RA, Braunwald E. Circulation 1982;65(3):508-12.

Detailed analysis of 24 hour ambulatory ecg recordings during sudden cardiac death. Harvard Medical School Antman EM, Lewis BH, Nosta JJ, Graboys TB. Am J Cardiol. 1982;49(4):1018
Hydrostatic forces limit swelling of rat ventricular myocardium. Harvard Medical School Pine MB, Brooks WW, Nosta JJ, Abelmann WH. J Physiol. 1981;241(5):H740-7
Localization of the neurally mediated facilitation of post infarction arrhythmias. Albert Einstein College of Medicine / Harvard Medical School Somberg JC, Nosta JJ, Knox S. Circulation 1981;64(4):140

  • Thaddeus Setla

    If there is anyone who understands more of why we must use social media and entertainment to improve education and adoption of best healthcare practices around the world it would be you. As a paramedic and a filmmaker I appreciate your approach and tenacity in this space. perhaps one day we will sit for coffee…

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    Sounds like a plan!!

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  • Thaddeus Setla

    If you get a moment please email me at setla (at) firstrespondersnetwork (dot) tv, I would love to just connect given our mutual appreciation and goals

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  • John Ko

    Just read your article on digital health on Forbes!

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  • Jessica Martinez

    Hey John! I read your STAT Ten article from yesterday and thought you might be interested in our healthcare software, Leading Reach. We allow our clients (all sorts of healthcare providers from NPs to Surgeons to PCPs and more) to access their Patient Engagement Score based on their digital interactions with patients from the beginning to end of the healthcare process. It’s pretty cool stuff and I think our founders would be a great fit for the STAT Ten series. Please let me know if you are interested, would love to work with you as we are all huge fans of your work here. Keep up the great work!

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  • Jai

    What google is trying to do; we have already developed. It’s called a “Systems Approach to Medicine.” One of my colleagues at Hopkins, called it “Google for Medicine” almost 6 years ago. We had developed the process and the display when something as Google Glass was termed farfetched.
    Do you know that Eratosthenes of Cyrene had calculated the circumference of the globe almost 2000 years before Columbus discovered the Americas and the people then concluded that the earth was indeed round? Do you also know that as far back as the 10th century, civilizations along the Silk Route were practicing the art of inoculation before Jenner gained fame for inoculation to prevent the development of small pox?
    Email me at (Capt. Carlyle Jai Rampersad)

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  • Richard

    Hey John,

    Thanks for your article on Google Glass meets prescription lenses.

    Hopefully you will be equally excited by what we’re doing –

    We’re partnered with Sensoria at CES, so do pop by and check our the future of wearable technology.


    Richard (Head of Ops at Race Yourself)

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