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Return on Relationship: The Social Media Book of the Year

It's here!  The communication ecosystem has arrived!

In today world, marketers speak of social media but often rely on the "media" side to drive engagement.  What they miss is the "social" component.  Ted and Kathryn explore the role of engagement and reciprocity in building powerful and meaningful relationships that are the basis for social media and brand success.  Their book is rich with detail and practical examples that make the necessary tasks clear and achievable.

Return on Relationship reminds us that the human component to social media is literally its "life blood"

And in today's world, it's really the currency of engagement.  It's more than an essential read--it's an essential marketing lifestyle that, if ignored, will make dinosaurs out of a brand managers.  And as changes in technology come and go, the authors remind us that it's the relationship that is the essential constant to building the brand and the connection that makes a difference.  Tired of being sold, customers now look to engage and build the "glue" that drives a relationship and sales.  Long gone is the "push" mentality where the simple message rules.  Today, control is replaced by influence.

And, as pragmatic and factual as Return on Relationship is, it's also written from the heart and builds a compelling story for the importance of our "human" connections.  And it's these relationships, across customers, employees, peers and partners that will emerge as the marketing and communication muscle that drives your brand.

It's a "must read" that will help define and shape the future.


  • Ted Rubin

    What can I say other than… simply put the value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship. Thank you :-)

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