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Twitter Followers–The Dirty Little Secret

How many Twitter followers do you have?

I have always been impressed with the "whales" who have thousands upon thousands of followers.  But what really surprised me was the revelation that most of their followers are either inactive or fake!







Forbes had a great post on this and I suggest you read it.

Here's a key take-away.  Some of twitter's big names are big losers.  I believe that it's not only the "bots" out there that drive this issue, but the desire to build a list without really working at it.  You can certainly buy followers, but you certainly get what you pay for!!

So, maybe it's time to take a closer look at your following and even re-evaluate influence scores and penalize the practice of excessive "inactive or fake" followers.  Kred?  Klout?  Care to comment?  So, remember this--to a certain degree, you are your followers.  It's a reflection of your persona in the digital world.  And all follows are NOT the same!




#1--Take a look at your twitter following.  Here's a where to check:

#2--Take a look at some of your favorite follows and see how they stack up.  Are they growers or buyers!?

#3--Follow CONTENT not NUMBERS.

#4--Recognize that everyone has inactive or fake followers, it's just all part of the digital world.

#5--Engage with your followers!  There's no better way to grow your base than engaging with "live" people.

A matter of disclosure

Fair is fair.  So I looked at my 6,000 followers.  A list I am very proud of and have the expectation that it should be ok.  Here's what I found...

  • Fake = 2%
  • Inactive = 8%
  • Good = 90%

I feel better already!