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Our Infinite Capacity for Thought

Those of you who have taken the time to read some prior entries have seen my interest in the brain (and the very short leap to THINKOLOGY).  But let's start off with some exercise--say a 100 yard dash.  What comes to mind?  Breathlessness, fatigue and particularly, muscle pain in the legs.  Some  people call it "the burn".  This is a straight forward physiologic process where lactic acid builds up in the muscles...and it hurts.  Got it?

Now, let's do a neurologic 100 yard dash!

Ready, set, THINK!

Feel the burn?  Feel the lactic acid building up?  Nope.

Here's the remarkable insight.  The brain doesn't fatigue.  I would argue that it has an infinite capacity for thought!  And here lies part of the magic of your minds--a profound capacity for deep and rich thought.  Now, don't mistake boredom and being lazy for brain fatigue.  Everyone knows about the late night of work or studying where it seemed almost impossible to push on.  But this isn't fatigue at all.  Now contrast this with the engaging conversation with a new friend or on an interesting topic.  It seems that you can "talk all night" or "lose track of time".   Hum....that never happens to our 100 yard dash sprinter!  She feels the pain, no matter what.

Thinking is a defining aspect of our humanity.  And this brain is the conduit through which we express ourselves and our true nature.  Genius is only a thought away...and it's your birthright to experience and enjoy it.

There's nothing stopping you, not even lactic acid.