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ONENESSITY and the Path to Genius

A while ago I introduced a new word---Onenessity.  It's a new word, but very old concept.

Here's what I said...

"Onenessity is the mind-resonance that occurs when our passionate spark of interest is ignited in thought. Sometimes it takes 10,000 hours and other times it takes much less to touch this level of success. This isn’t the easy way out either. It’s not a substitute to long hours of practice. But it’s an essential component to make the quantum leap to a higher level."

I was talking about the path to achievement that requires a significant amount of time (some use 10,000 hours as a benchmark).

I was talking about genius.

OK.  Here's the big news:  Genius is our birthright and mediocrity is self-imposed.

This is the recurrent theme to THINKOLOGY and how thought is NOT the end product of intelligence, but intelligence springs forth from conditioned, focused thought!  The examples are commonplace and are best showcased in children. We all know the child who can name every car on the road, or every character (in great detail) of a TV show or video game.  This knowledge is worthy of cocktail party boasting and significant pride.  But, what's the essence of this "baby genius"?  Is this just a smart kid who has a above average memory?  Does intrinsic talent just manifest as memory?

No.  I really don't think so.

Of course, there is a bit of core talent being played out here...but that's just a superficial issue that often upstages the bigger concept. At the very heart of this concept is the single-mindedness of task, or ONENESSITY.  It's where the spark of interest is ignited and simple repetition of task becomes that mantra of intellect and takes form.  There is a sense of magic in introspective, inspired thought.




Deep thought.

Creative play.

All these exercises of mind groom our our consciousness.  And, well, there you have it.

The flip side of ONENESSITY is the fractured world we live in. We multi-task at the expense of the genius that waits within. While we groom of lives with trips to the mall, to the gym and to the gourmet shops, we often fail to groom our consciousness.  What results is flat abs and empty heads.  We also strive to master many things and in the process build a skill set that is a mile wide but only an inch deep.  Of particular note, is the child who is overwhelmed with many activities---from music lesson to baseball to academics to whatever.  The relentless pursuit of so many things leads you to well-rounded mediocrity.  Find that specific spark...and let the intellectual fire rage on.  After that experience (or transcendence) the many and varied tasks of music lessions and baseball and whatever become richer and filtered through a mind tuned to a creative and profound frequency.

So, find your spark and indulge yourself in coherent, focused thought...and experience the magic of genius!